When I hopped onto Apple’s App

With over one,000,000 apps presently accessible within the App Store, transitioning your app from plan to development might reckon to be one in every of your biggest challenges. that’s unless you heed the subsequent recommendation.

Store within the associatecient days of 2008 (which coincidently was the year of the store’s initial launch) I felt sort of a starving person placed before of an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Suddenly, here was smorgasbord of apps – newspapers, magazines, games, business, sports, health and fitness, travel and children – that i could not appear to transfer quick enough. however boy let American state tell you the way times have changed!

According to the most recent knowledge from AppleInsider, there area unit over a meg apps accessible within the App Store; five hundred,000 of that are specifically designed for the iPad.

When the shop was ab initio launched there have been solely 900 apps available! that is a rise of over 900 thousand apps over the course of the past forty six months! And, whereas that’s pretty spectacular all on its own, there is more!

The App Store is anticipated to develop another twenty five,000 to 30,000 apps (on average) per month. With thousands a lot of app concepts being unreal up by average individuals from all walks of life – individuals a bit like you and American state – and scribbled on the rear of a paper napkin daily round the world.

Regardless of however well thought out the app, transitioning it from plan to development is one in every of the best challenges any novice developer can inevitably face.

Especially, for those who haven’t got the correct power or technical power, that is why reading the subsequent data – stepwise – guarantees to be price your whereas. All right, here we tend to go!!!

#1 – crucial What you wish to attain

When embarking on the exciting journey of getting your app developed, the primary factor you must confirm – notwithstanding whether or not you are a novice or professional – is what you wish to attain.

Having well thought-out goals, at the point in time of your venture, is one in every of the simplest indicators for confirming whether or not or not the app’s development method is heading within the correct direction.

#2 – define Your App’s Purpose (and price)

In today’s app-driven world, most users expect that a developed app contain several advantages, together with providing them with an honest user expertise


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