Most app developers

to induce to the lowest of it all and that we wanted to grasp wherever these apps were going wrong so Iwecould avoid being one among the sixty fifth and move towards the highest 100 percent.

So we tend to did our dirt; we tend to downloaded heaps additional apps; we tend to scan heaps additional articles; we tend to contacted a bunch of extremely productive app developers and place the question to them. this can be what we tend to found:

” are not extremely certain concerning what they are doing… ” OK not specifically ground breaking stuff however please let Pine Tree State elaborate.

The general population of individuals do not know that associate degree app has to succeed on the App Store. In fact, there square measure specifically 3 reasons why apps fail and any productive app has to overcome these so as to thrive. the three reasons are:

– a scarcity of Marketing;

– A proof structure that doesn’t work, and;

– A poor User expertise.

The point of this text is to indicate you every of those obstacles in additional detail. Once you perceive them higher you’ll see however you’ll use them to your advantage.

Let’s initiate by discussing:

UX – User expertise
User expertise style is that the art of parturition out the screens of the app to seek out the simplest doable manner for the user to move. during this a part of the method we glance at things like button layout and use of color. we tend to conjointly specialise in excision the ‘fat’ that does not ought to be there and use the correct words and icons for buttons to create the expertise intuitive and simple.

You see, individuals square measure each lazy and impatient, and once those 2 qualities combine it is exhausting to stay somebody engaged. that produces it doubly vital to try and do a decent job of it.

In associate degree app development team there’s someone (or variety of people) whose job it’s to style the married woman. a decent married woman designer is tough to seek out then the DIY mentality undoubtedly doesn’t apply during this field.

Admittedly this can be a locality of the App promoting method but i favor to segregate the 2 and specialise in them singly. Here’s wh


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